EyeBrand is a global certification that certifies the inclusive service blind friendly brands offer.

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EyeBrand, World of Blind
Friendly Brands

Each of my consumers is very valuable For me. I also want to reach my blind consumers. I want to give them the quality they deserve, but how?

 If you do, we are with you. We make your products and services accessible for the blind in the Audio Freedom World of BlindLook, and enable you to provide barrier-free service. As a blind friendly brand offering inclusive service, you become part of the global EyeBrand network. 285 million blind and visually impaired are waiting for inclusive service. Come on, join the world of blind friendly brands, let's create the "Accessible World for Everyone" together.

Audio World for the Blind

The products of the brands become accessible for the blind thanks to the audio world of BlindLook. The blind become independent with accessible service.

Blind-Friendly Brands


    • Being a blind friendly brand (EyeBrand) means making your brand's products and services accessible with BlindLook's Audio Simulation technology in the BlindLook's audio freedom world specially designed for the blind. It means that blind consumers can use the products and services you offer independetly.

    • All brands that put inclusion at the center of their business and that offer products or services to the end consumer should become EyeBrand. Because all consumers deserve the best quality experience. We invite all brands to become an EyeBrand in order to eliminate social barriers and enable 285 million blind and visually impaired to freely participate in life.

    • Being a blind friendly brand (EyeBrand) first makes you a part of the global EyeBrand network. You will be among the leading brands that care about inclusion. Your sensitivity to consumer happiness spreads unhindered. You will have the opportunity to deliver your products and services to 285 million blind and visually impaired. You become part of a cause aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    • BlindLook makes your products accessible with Audio Simulation technology, without tiring you, without requiring any technical changes or editing. Your Audio Simulated product takes place in BlindLook's 100% accessible audio freedom world, specially designed for the blind. In this way, blind consumers can freely use your products without any help of others.

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