BlindLook is a freedom technologies company focused on inclusive transformation for the brands and blind people.

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An accessible world for everyone.

We build equal, accessible and inclusive world for the blind people.

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Inclusive Transformation

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Transformation for Blind Community

Dear visually impaired friend, we have designed a great learning platform for you. We know that the communication language of the companies is 80% visually oriented. Don't worry, we are by your side. This is a unique learning platform prepared with the "Descriptive training" method, completely customized for you, with the power we get from our EyeBrands. If you wish, you will learn how to manage your budget, or how to do e-commerce, or to cook your favorite food. And without any barriers. Let's start your learning journey on this unique platform that we created with the collaboration of our EyeBrands!

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Transformation for Brands

Dear brands, we know how much you care about inclusion. That's exactly why we've developed a great transformative certificate for you, EyeBrand! With EyeBrand, your company, products and services will become blind friendly. Moreover, your visually impaired customers will also be transformed and developed thanks to you. If you think that I am among the pioneers of inclusive transformation, then become an EyeBrand!

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